About Us

About Us

There are a number of methods to counteract sweating, such as anti antiperspirants, colognes, creams and powders among others, but none has proven to be as effective as underarm liners, which do not leave any kind of stains. Agway International, established in 2000, brings you a wide range of lining based sweat management solutions, that are sourced exclusively from certified vendors, and are famed for their superior quality. Over the years, we have solidified our status as a noted Exporter, Supplier and Importer of products like Sweatex, Underarm Sweat Pads, Disposable Underarm Pads, Dress Shields, Sweat Guards and Underarm Liners among others. In addition to them, we also offer the best grade Copper Mould Tubes which are primarily used in continuous casting machines. These tubes are offered in round and rectangular shapes.


As mentioned earlier, our antiperspirants and sweat management solutions are sourced from well known brands in the domain as a measure of quality assurance, turn out to be highly effective as promised. Delving a bit deeper into it, our offerings are well known industrial names with our prominent import associates concentrated in Israel and Germany. The brands or vendors we associate with, are selected after an in-depth analysis of their expertise in the field, experience, quality of their offerings and well their value among users. Such stringent measures have proved to be highly rewarding for our company, thanks to the popularity of our offerings, which far exceeds the boundaries of our domestic stronghold. United States, Sri Lanka and a number of Asian nations are the major markets, where our products are warmly received, and are highly demanded for their superior quality standards.

Why Us?

We have managed to claw our way to the top tier in the market hierarchy and into the league of the most revered and dependable names in the industry. What has helped us become a noted name in the industry and gravitated clients towards our company has been our stringent quality policy, which has enabled us to market only the best grade products. The latter has undoubtedly played a major role in our success so far, but it has not been the sole factor that has solidified our position in the industry, as there are other advantages too that have attracted clients towards our company. Following is a list of few perks of associating with us, that have made us a noted name in the domain:
  • Only the best grade products
  • Competitively priced
  • Wide distribution network
  • Excellent transportation facility
  • On time fulfillment of orders
  • Ethical policies and transparent proceedings
  • Flexible transaction media

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